Les acteurs de bonne foi, Pierre de Marivaux

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Everyone wants to be an Artist.
Everyone desires the glory of the Actor (so to speak). We are not referring to Theater in Greece and the situation of the Drama Schools or the unemployment of the theater actors
We are referring to the house of Madame Argant.
The servants are up and around, left their kitchens, gardens and household duties and are putting-up Merlen’s play.
Who is Merlen?
A servant and a director-in-secret.
He wrote (so to speak) a play, theatrical & erotic and has made all the servants rehearse. All this is happening due to the marriage of their young masters, Angelique and Erast. But a great dispute has broken out and they are in danger, instead of a wedding to have a parade. Right to the last minute and with the intervention of the King (as always) a great deal of drama is avoided .
As, Masters, ladies (so to speak), gentlemen, aristocrats and commoners were caught in a scuffle & tussle. So “Les Acteurs de bonne Fois”,( The well-disposed actors) remains only as the title of the play and twitches us an eye in irony.
This is a play of Pierre de Marivaux that has been performed very rarely. It is a crazy comedy with lots of singing and dancing that will be performed at TOPOS ALLOU Theater this coming winter.
In an Era of many Historic Milestones and great personalities such as Voltaire, Montesque, Didero and many other Encyclopedists , known as Siècle des lumières (Age of Enlightment), Marivaux writes his anti-classic comedies, making a surgical incision to Love.

With a very elegant sense of humor and finesse, he establishes his own style (marivaudage=elegant style upon expression and language) that many times reaches too close to drama. His themes and plots are not considered a farce but play unconcernedly and with virtuosity about lovers and egocentrism, the first young lovers, a woman’s self-complacency and loneliness.
And on the other hand, all this social and cultural rebirth did not prevent the Great Revolution of 1789 that changed Europe for ever.

Topos Allou Theater will commence with its last season’s two successful productions, “Comrades?” by Aug. Strindberg and “Nitche-Wagner”, a play about fascism”. Then will continue making an unconcerned “excursion” in the fields of concerned comedy.
So, “Les Acteurs de bonne Fois”will be presented in the end of November at the main Stage of Topos Allou.

This is the third Marivaux play for Topos Allou theater and the director Nicholas Kamtsis, after “La Commere” and the “Game of Love and Chance” . Within a stage that will give the ability for many theater forms to be expressed, the performance will transcend between realism, comedy of ethics, grotesque, puppet theater while conserving elements of the Historic Era.

Translation from the French prototype Anta Kougia.
Final text adaptation, Direction, Light design Νicholas Kamtsis
Stage and Costume design: Μika Panagou
Music: Christos Xenakis
Poster-Printed materials Topos Arte
Cast: Vicky Athanasiou, Irini Kazakou, Nikos karastergios, Anta Kougia, Mirsini Morelli, Andreas Papagiannakis, Markella Stamou, Alexandra Charalampidou 


Official opening November 18th, 2016

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