«The paths of the snow»

A poetic adventure of Migration


People always wanted to see the sun. And, above all, they wanted the sun to see them too. And the sun always meant life, creation, joy and a future full of dreams and hope. In the name of this future, they risk their own lives. They are rooted out of their place and travel vast distances through paths that are secretly illegal and abominable.

Europe has always known what migration means. This performance is the result of a three-year research and a collaboration of three theatrical European organizations. TOPOS ALLOU theatre based on the research of the Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies and collaborated with AIDA FONDAZIONE from Italy and KRZYK Theater from Poland. The result of research and cooperation is

«The paths of the snow»

The performance is a fresco of the phenomenon of immigration and the agony of man to find a better life, to live and create, based on meetings and interviews with real immigrants, the protagonists of the migration adventure. During the performance, we see real stories of immigrants: Bulgarians that sought their future in Greece, Polish that moved to Southern Europe, stories from Lampetusa.

All this is done through the eyes of a girl, entering a foreign land, illegally. Through her adventure of persecution, a life full of sensitivity and romance unfolds. At the same time it brings us all the tragedy of the conflict of people's cultures. Their beliefs and philosophy, their dreams and their expectations are uprooted from their land and violently transplanted to another land, which, most of the times, is hostile and inhospitable.

«The paths of the snow» will be performed in Athens, at TOPOS ALLOU theater from November till January