Theatre Evening Party

Planning your next party? Not for children but for adults.

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Make it a theater event. It's fun, easy, affordable and extremely UNIQUE. That's why more and more young (and not only) people are choosing our theater for their next birthday party.

We organize parties for adults private and business receptions, cocktails, parties, or just for your birthday party and your friends. Small groups or big.

Our success is based on the ability to offer a theater performance combine with complete catering, drink or dance service. In our unique theater place we can offer excellent quality of food and impeccable service – from production, delivery and serving food to the complete organization of reception – are the focus of our business. Multiannual effort, experience and superior knowledge has resulted in a large number of satisfied customers, which is the best guarantee to leave us the organization of the entire event with full confidence.

We are sure that you and your friends will be satisfied with our performance and our service, so we count on your recommendation.