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TOPOS ALLOU theatre, this year enters its 16th year.

It is a theatre that with its systematic work and presence has prevailed in the artistic, cultural field of our country. Not only Athens where it is based but also all over Greece where it presents regularly in the last four years.
With constant productions and different kind of activities in a few years the theatre has become a point of interest and has reached a large number of audience of all age groups.
Topos Allou is a cultural organization that sends out a strong and important, theatre signal. Amidst a fluid social “process”, in a multi-form aesthetic scenery, Topos Allou theatre is one of the most live artistic organizations in our country.
It is an intellectual space that:
> Creates cultural events throughout the year and in many fields of the arts.
> Embodies many important Theatre Artists (and many more) that express their work and ideologies through its stages and activities.
> Furthermore, along with all the performances, Topos Allou creates artistic events of utmost importance.
Such as the following :
•  Organization of the pan-European conference INTERPLAY CONGRESS FOR YOUNG PLAYWRITERS (2004).
•  Organization of the Festival for Young Comedians for six consecutive years.
•  Theatre meeting of the countries belonging to the geographical arch Italy-Greece-Bulgaria-Romania having as a theme traditional Fairytales and Narrative tradition (2010). Theatres: TEATRO INVERSO (Italy) , PRORODOPI FOUNDATION (Bulgaria), TEATRUL ARTEMIS (Romania), Theatre SITRIH (Bulgaria), Topos Allou theatre (Greece).
•  Publication of a DVD, in three languages with traditional fairytales (2008).
•  Electronic Publication of the large Collection of Costumes and History of Costume on the web, www.costumeandtime.gr
•  Publication and Exploitation of Greek traditional tales via the web-site : www.greekmyths.gr
TOPOS ALLOU theatre has invited and received, to present their work, theatre groups from all around Europe . FLUXX theatre ( Great Britain ), SAGOHUSET theatre ( Sweden ) , Νascentes theatre ( Ukraine ) , Spy monkey theatre ( Great Britain ) with the co-operation of the British Council of Athens, Teatro INVERSO ( Italy ), PRORODOPI FOUNDATION ( Bulgaria ), Teatrul ARTEMIS ( Romania), AIDA FONDAZIONE (Verona-Italy), TAASTRUP theater (Copenhagen-Denmark).
For the next Theatre period:
Aeroplio theatre (stage for children) will present a spectacle titled “Our myths, our stars upon the sky” (http://aeroplio.gr/team-view/our-myths-the-stars-upon-our-sky/) and has been invited from several European festivals.
We are running two European theatre project titled a. FAIDRA project b.Creative Europe Project

FAIDRA project
Creative Europe Project

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